Now you can stand with the standing stairlift.

The standing stair lift is the perfect addition if you cannot manage to bend your knees to sit on a stairlift in your home. Its also a good option for narrow staircases.

The standing stairlift can be fitted inside your home by our professional stair lift installers. Fast professional installation and unbeatable customer service. Our preferred manufacturers have a fantastic after sales service. We negotiate special rates for our customers due to the large volumes we buy. We selected out preferred manufacture based on quality, price & customer service.

The standing stairlift (superglide perch model) offers the option of being used as a sit or stand stairlift. The stairlift is fitted with a footrest and a special security bar for people who prefer to stand when going up or down the stairs.

Special folding, steady security bar for complete stability. Ideal for people who have difficulties bending their legs. Suitable for more than one user. Whisper quiet motion, smooth stop and start mechanism that ensures no sudden jolts or jerks whilst moving. Electronic and mechanical brakes, giving you extra peace of mind.

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